Marguerite Courtney
Exhibitions & Awards
Signs of Life 2016
Moments 2015
Geneva 2014
LA 2013
Art Fair Hampstead 2013
Art Fair Battersea 2013
Sunshine & Demented Minds
Scratching the Surface
Art Fair New York 2012
Bloomsbury Art Fair
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On my way out to shoot at Bingen in Bali. Photo by Curt Schwarz

Marguerite Courtney is an award winning emerging artist based in Los Angeles who recently won the Grand Prize of the Emerging Focus Competition at Photo LA and an Honorable mention in the Lucie Foundation's International Photography Awards. 


“Moments” is an ongoing body of work that has exhibited in London, New York, Geneva and Los Angeles. With images captured while surfing, Marguerite shares the mystic and ecstatic moments that exist un-tethered by the realm of language, time and other social constructs. In this paradoxical time of hyper communication and unprecedented disconnection, these moments of oneness and connection are more important and precious than ever.  Her goal is to transport you outside the shackles of social constructs into each of these ephemeral moments as she experiences them free of self awareness in connection, rhythm and harmony with the constant fluctuations of nature, the sea, the earth, the sun, the moon, the tides, the wind and our fellow creatures.

Marguerite Courtney studied Photography and Painting at Santa Monica College and  earned her Bachelor of Arts from The University of Virginia.

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